Leading the Way In Sustainability

Greenbrier Holdings is committed to cultivating, manufacturing, distributing and delivering premium cannabis and cannabis goods while doing our part to preserve the environment for coming generations. As individuals and as a company, we’re committed to upholding objectives under this policy to the fullest extent possible. Our environmental goals include meeting or exceeding compliance with applicable local and worldwide legal requirements, including community accountability.

Greenbrier Holdings faces the unique opportunities and challenges of the cannabis industry by upholding the following principles in all that we do: industry leadership, transparency, integrity, environmental stewardship, and continuous improvement to move us into sustainability practices that preserve the health of our planet.

Our commitment includes distributing the necessary resources to uphold our Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) responsibilities in our product development, logistics and operations, stockholder expectations, and customer care. We are dedicated to sustainability as fundamental employee-oriented business concepts.

Greenbrier Holdings strives to reduce our EHS footprint through our dedication to the prevention of pollutants and continual improvement. Our performance indicators and objectives are reviewed by continuous monitoring and periodic internal audits. We are committed to a comprehensive system of training and awareness at all levels of our corporation including external contacts with all our neighboring communities, customers and suppliers.