Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you grow your own cannabis?

Yes, all of our cannabis products are grown in California by multi-generational farmers who have an extensive history of growing. Please visit our Cannabis overview page for more detail.

Greenbrier operates 8 acres of temperature-controlled greenhouses in the Santa Barbara Coastal Valley. In our humble opinion, the climate and weather there is the most conducive for greenhouse growing in the State of California.

The USDA regulates the organic certification process. Every fruit, vegetable or other consumable product must meet a specific set of guidelines to be labeled “certified organic.” Greenbrier has been growing under the USDA guidelines for other crops. Because cannabis is federally illegal, the USDA cannot regulate any nutrients or pesticides, and cannot give it the USDA stamp of approval. No one should be claiming otherwise. However, we do practice organic growing methods and use organic soil for all of our products under the Greenbrier Holdings umbrella.

We laboratory test for potency, microbials, metals, bacteria and pesticides. We test our plants for their cannabinoid profile and to ensure they are free of pesticides and microbials. Our products go through the multifaceted testing implemented by the state of California.  Once we get state approval, our product is ready for distribution.

Yes, California rules require all cannabis products to pass a range of lab tests before being approved for consumer distribution.

Greenbrier Holdings is a full-service producer of cannabis, including cultivation, extraction, and manufacturing of an array of products infused with cannabis, distribution and delivery direct to your door.

Our flower and trim is currently being used by top manufacturers in California, our individual branded products will be coming soon to a store near you and delivered to you by our delivery partner, Cannable. We will have all locations listed in our store locator.

Yes, we have a full suite of services available for wholesale purchase and manufacturing. Please contact for additional information.

Located in the heart of California’s Central Valley, our shipping, logistics, and distribution allows us to deliver cannabis efficiently to the entire state.

Greenbrier Holdings is always looking for talented team members. For a list of open positions visit our Career page.